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Cert ID Non-GMO Certification

The Cert ID Non-GMO Standard is the Global Number 1 for Non-GMO Certification.

A Consumer Attitude Survey carried out by GfK NOP which was commissioned by Friends of the Earth and GM Freeze concluded that of those surveyed:

  • 72% would pay extra for Non-GMO Food
  • 89% want meat from animals fed on GM feed to be labelled
  • 66% would prefer to buy meat from animals fed a Non-GMO diet

The Internationally Recognised Cert ID Non-GMO Standard 

Non-GMOThe Cert ID Non-GMO Standard is recognised within the industry as the benchmark for Non-GMO identity preservation. Version 1.0 of the Cert ID Non-GMO standard was groundbreaking because it moved standalone Identity Preservation systems based upon testing, into a quality assurance approach. The Cert ID Non-GMO standard was the first of it's kind to integrate HACCP principles with PCR testing as validation throughout the whole supply chain.

Today, the established Cert ID Non-GMO Standard is on Version 6.0, the most robust Non-GMO standard in the world, trusted by all major retailers and brands internationally. The standard covers supply chain visibilty, Non-GMO product certification and full standardised Non-GMO systems certification. Audit the Non-GMO supply chain with Cert ID's Non-GMO  and verify the quality management systems in place from the seed to the market place.

Cert ID Non-GMO Directory

Cert ID's Non-GMO Directory Cert ID list all clients certificated against our Non-GMO and EU Regulatory Compliance standard on the Cert ID Non-GMO Directory as a tool for connecting buyers with Non-GMO suppliers and assisting clients with raising their profile in the industry. The directory is accessed via our online secure area and allows buyers to browse certificated suppliers by product, country and scope and to check a site's certification. 

ProTerra Standard & Cert ID Non-GMO Certification

Cert ID Non-GMO certification is a requirement to be certified to the ProTerra sustainability standard. A large portion of both ProTerra and Cert ID Non-GMO business is certifying Non-GM soy. To see more information on Non-GM soy click here.


Non-GMO Standard