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GMO Testing & Traceability Certificates

Non-GMO Product Verification

Cert ID Non-GMO Traceability Certificates of Compliance (TCC's) are recognised worldwide as a trusted validation of a Non-GMO product.

TCCs are provided as a secure PDF product certificate which can be used to demonstrate the verified Non-GMO status of products throughout the supply chain. A Cert ID Non-GMO traceability certificate of compliance is an official document verifying the Non-GMO status of product at any stage of the supply chain. A Non-GMO traceability certificate of compliance can be produced in the event of a GM challenge, and assists in fighting against vulnerabilities such as food fraud in the supply chain.All TCCs are supported and verified by PCR Testing carried out by a Cert ID approved and accredited laboratory providing the necessary assurance to the buyer. 


GMO Testing

Cert ID's sister company, Genetic ID provides a variety of testing options (including PCR) to validate Non-GMO products.    

Genetic ID will assist you in choosing the most cost-effective Non-GMO testing option for your situation, whilst providing the most reliable validation that your business and customers require.   
In many cases, an economical qualitative GMO test will suffice. Only if the qualitative GMO test result is positive will a more expensive quantitative GMO test be required.
When quantitation is required, a range of GMO testing options is available, including Real-Time Quantitative PCR and Semi-Quantitative PCR.
GMO variety tests can be customized to your export destination, reducing costs while assuring compliance with applicable import regulations.

More about Genetic ID Europe:

Unlike some laboratories, Genetic ID can reliably detect ALL commercialised genetically modified organisms and this is a key issue. Genetic ID (Europe) GMO testing protocols and methodologies are accredited by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS), the national accreditation body for Germany.? If needed, Genetic ID (Europe) helps clients understand the results and to interpret test reports. http://www.genetic-id.de/en/services/gmo-testing

Visible Traceability-
Adhesive Labels and Tamper Evident Seals

Cert ID branded Labels and Seals demonstrate to your buyers that the product you're selling is genuine Cert ID Non-GMO Certificated and that the lot or batch has not been tampered with in any way during transit. 

Cert ID Adhesive Labels

Make use of the Cert ID Non-GMO Label as a marketing tool for your Non-GMO products by adding Cert ID Non-GMO Adhesive Labels to your shipping containers, pallets and boxes. Let all of your customers know that your Non-GMO product is certified to the world-leading standard. 

Cert ID Tamper Evident Seals

Cert ID Tamper Evident Seals give your customers peace of mind that your Non-GMO product is being delivered to them without being tampered with. Ensure the integrity of your Non-GMO product after it leaves your processing facility by sealing containers with official Cert ID batch recorded Non-GMO Tamper Evident Seals. Your unique tamper evident seal numbers will be shown on your TCC (Traceability Certificate of Compliance) if applicable. You can provide your customers with the numbers on the seals for end to end supply chain traceability of your Non-GMO product, adding more value to your premium product.