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EU Regulatory Compliance Certification


Some organisations have spent a great deal of time and resources to install product traceability systems and segregation procedures supported by DNA testing to avoid the presence of GMOs but don’t actually wish to make a Non-GMO claim.

European FlagBut they do want their EU food and feed clients to be reassured that sourcing, ingredients and additives from them doesn’t place them at a GM labelling obligation. To solve this dilemma and fulfill this need, EU Regulatory Compliance certification was created.

Is GM presence permitted in the EU Regulatory Compliance Standard?

EU GM Regulations permit up to 0.9% EU authorised GMOs provided their presence can be demonstrated to be adventitious or technically unavoidable. A constant presence of GM contamination is not adventitious. If the organisation cannot prove this, GM contamination at any level, even below 0.9% must therefore be GM labelled. EU Regulatory Compliance is geared to the 0.9% EU GM labelling threshold and certification demonstrates that GM presence up to this legal maximum is adventitious or technically unavoidable.

What does EU Regulatory Compliance certification achieve?

It assists organisations to effectively engage and communicate with their target EU food or feed customers, demonstrating they have independently validated systems and procedures in place,  supporting due diligence and thus avoid supplying ingredients and additives to finished food manufacturers that then require GM labelling such as ‘contains genetically modified…’, or ‘produced from genetically modified …’ material


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